Matt Herp is a freelance photographer based in Ogden, UT. He has over ten years of photographic experience in a variety of genres. Matt developed his photojournalism skills while attending Western Kentucky University and earned his associates degree in commercial photography from Jefferson Community & Technical College in Louisville, Ky.

Matt's main passion is documenting peoples' lives in their purest form. He enjoys being able to find the true essence and spirit of the individuals to whom he photographs. Along with taking photographs, Matt loves to indulge in massive quantities of ice cream and also play his bass guitar in a heavy metal band.

Currently Matt is available for hire in Ogden, UT. He also loves to travel and is very open to accepting jobs throughout the country and world!

"Photography is a journey into peoples lives and a place for me to explore the human experience! I hope that my photographs are able to inspire, humble, excite, and educate those who view them." - Matt Herp

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